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Meet Gerry our Sports Therapist | Crosby | Sefton

Gerry McConaghy – Sports Therapist / Complementary Therapist

Gerry Sports Therapist Evenings

  • Involved with Complementary therapies since 1994. Initially trained in Massage, then in Reflexology, numerous CPD courses since. Practicing for over 25 years, recently going full-time. Accredited and insured by the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

  • Experience of different working environments, such as Sports Centres, Private Gymnasiums and private clinics. Since 2015, I have run a private clinic, “The Eco Offices” near the Sefton Park offering a fully personalized, individual treatment program for each patient, based on their specific needs to ensure the best possible outcome for them.

  • Patients are actively included and involved in their treatment and provided with expert advice and care to effectively reduce their pain, prevention of further injury and promotion of recovery and improvements in health and vitality.

  • I can offer injury prevention advice, treatment, strengthening and stretching exercise programmes, soft tissue treatments and joint mobilisations if appropriate. Sports Therapy utilises a wide range of scientific based assessment protocols to assesses each patient as an individual and then use this information to individually tailor a treatment for that patient

  • Treatments are safe and suitable for all, regardless of age or gender and are quickly effective in both reducing pain and or stiffness, while increasing range of movement, while improving overall health and promoting recovery.

  • Sports Therapy is an Allied Healthcare Profession, with a specific focus and interest on the treatment and rehabilitation of sporting conditions and injuries. Through my Sports Therapy Degree, I have the gained the ability, knowledge and skills to assess, optimise, rehabilitate and treat lifestyle, occupational, sports and work injuries to provide treatment of a variety of MSK conditions.

  • It is popular with amateur and professional full-time athletes / teams performing within sport, but it is equally applicable and effective for non-sporting people too. Many patients seek treatment and relief from an occupational or work-related injury or problem.

  • Trained in Acupressure – “DORN” Therapy - Dry Cupping – Dry Needling - Kinesio Taping & Strapping - Korean Ear Acupuncture – Mobilisations - Oriental Body Balance - Soft Tissue Massage –- Reflexology – Ultrasound

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