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Sports Therapy | Waterloo | Liverpool

Crosby Chiropractic provides a multidisciplinary approach to care. We have three Sports Therapists that work from our Crosby Clinic.

Daisy Sports Therapist Weekends | Liverpool
Gerry Sports therapist Waterloo | Liverpool

So what are the benefits of Sports massage and Sports Therapy?

By manipulating the soft tissue, sports massage helps prevent injury, aids recovery and promotes improved performance.

Whilst beneficial to athletes, Sports massage has many properties that everyone may benefit from, such as aiding with the breaking down of scar tissue, improved elasticity and flexibility of muscles due to stretching of the tissue, and increased movement in the joints.

Sports Massage | Crosby | Waterloo

Other benefits can also include: generalise relaxation due to decreased tightness in the muscle tissues and increased circulation.

Therefore, patients may experience a reduction in tension and pain, and an improvement in both sleep quality and general movement.

Our therapists work throughout the day, evenings and weekends. Booking through our clinic phone 0151 528 3830 or via our website BOOK ONLINE.

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