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6 Ways to keep Arthritis under control | Crosby Chiropractic | Liverpool

Arthritis affects approximately 350 million people worldwide and its a common cause of problems in every Chiropractic and Physio Clinic across the United Kingdom. Here are 6 simple steps to help keep Arthritis under control.

  1. Regular Exercise

  2. Regular Chiropractic Care

  3. Regular Massage Therapy

  4. Use Hot and Cold Therapy

  5. Include the Right Fatty Acids in your diet.

  6. Introduce Turmeric to your diet.

Regular Exercise

Will not only help keep you at a healthy weight but it will help maintain movement of joints and soft tissue flexibility. We advise low impact exercises such as pilates, yoga, swimming and water aerobics. These type of exercises add movement to the joints without too much weight bearing.

Be careful of impact exercises such as running, as these may be damaging due to the force you are placing through your spine. Be careful when exercising not to arch your back if you have lower back arthritis as this can compress the lower spine.

Regular Chiropractic Care

Will improve the movement through your joints and soft tissues such as muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons.

Regular Massage

Will improve the movement and flexibility of soft tissues such as muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons.

Using Hot and Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is great for relieving joint pain, reducing inflammation and swelling.

Hot therapy is great for easing muscle tension and reducing pain.

Be careful as prolonged heat therapy can increase inflammation and potentially increase joint pain.

Arthritis is not only joint pain, it causes changes in the surrounding musculature and this can often be relieved by heat.

Include the Right Fatty Acids in your diet.

Omega 3 is very important in the health of joints. We get this through our diet mainly

in Oily Fish. If you do not eat enough fatty acids you may consider supplementing with Forever Arctic Sea.

Introduce Turmeric to your diet

Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory. Adding this to your food can be beneficial. We also advise Forever Move Supplements as they combine Turmeric, NEM, glucosamine and chondroitin. All these are beneficial in the repair and maintenance of joint cartilage, reducing inflammation and pain relief.

As with starting anything new, please seek medical advice from your General Practitioner.

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