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Liverpool Chiropractor Ian Hodgson

Chiropractors based at Crosby Chiropractic. Lets start with the lovely Doctor of Chiropractic Ian Hodgson.

Ian has a wealth of experience with Chiropractic and has been practicing for over 23 years. He is always at different seminars across the globe furthering his knowledge and understanding of the human body. He is qualified in many different treatment techniques and this is undeniably useful in treating the differing and unique musculoskeletal problems he sees day to day.

Crosby Chiropractor Ian Hodgson, Waterloo, Liverpool

Here is our most recent testimonial about Ian

tenore85- I really was given an immense of information and advice to take away and digest. I was able to have both my wrist and ankle treated so, I do feel like I got my money's worth. I felt like I was asking too much (I always like to get my money's worth! 😄) but Ian was more than happy to give the advice I needed, and more! This is very good because you do go to some places and feel like you are getting breadcrumbs and are pushed for time but not here. I'll be going back here again shortly for a follow up and would highly recommend this clinic to anyone suffering from an injury

Ian has a very caring nature and really does go the extra mile to helping his patients. He puts a lot of time into being at the top of his game and it certainly shows in every aspect of patient care.

yours in health

Crosby Chiropractic

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