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Yet another testimonial for Crosby Chiropractic !

Working with Crosby Chiropractic to get your health back

Its lovely for us at Crosby Chiropractic to hear feedback from our patients. We really strive to do our absolute best for everyone and its reviews like this that keep us motivated to work harder! We really appreciate the testimonial and we are so happy that we can make such a change to someones day!

This review was submitted by email by one of our patients and she has given us permission to share her experience!

"Written Off By The NHS.

After various treatments for chronic lower back pain I was told by an NHS Doctor that there was nothing more that could be done. I was advised that my condition was caused by “wear and tear” on my spine, it was “age related” and that the only option was pain management as my condition would only worsen with time.

At 54 years old I felt helpless and despondent, and my pain worsened further with time. At my worst I could not stand for longer than twenty minutes, and couldn’t complete a full grocery shop. I couldn’t enjoy shopping trips with my sisters or family days out, without having to take breaks to sit down.

My work life was also impacted. I couldn’t fulfil all of my duties and often had to ask others to help me. By the end of the day I would not be able to reach my feet to undo my shoes. If I dropped something my heart would sink, as I knew I would struggle to pick it up. I had to lean on the kitchen worktop when cooking our evening meal in order to try to take the strain off my lower back.

My daughter did some research and encouraged me to seek help from Crosby Chiropractic. During my appointment with Ian Hodgson, he explained that my iliac and sacrum joints were fused into a static position. He manipulated my back (this wasn’t pleasant, but only lasted for a few seconds) and this resulted in a noticeable difference in one appointment.

After several sessions I now feel like a new woman. I can easily touch the floor with straight legs. I can go out shopping with my sisters, and have even had family days out and holidays without my family having to worry I would need to sit often to relieve my pain.

I continue to have maintenance appointments with Ian, and I can tell you with honesty that my family and I cannot thank him enough. The difference his treatment has made to my life is unbelievable.

If you feel unable to cope with your pain, if you have been told that your condition is degenerative or that there are no treatment options, I suggest that you go to Crosby Chiropractic and have a consultation" Estelle C

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