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New Services Available | Liverpool | Waterloo | Crosby

We have a wide range of new services in our Waterloo Clinic. For more information about any of the services please contact us via email

sports massage crosby | liverpool | near me

Sports Massage will be available Monday mornings, more clinics will be put on to meet demand. Sports Massage is ideal for the active or sports person and can be incorporated into part of your longterm training programme. It can reduce soreness, and help improve your physical performance and flexibility. It aids in the healing of sprains and injuries and can help your recovery following a sporting event. For more information check out our blog.

March Offer £270 for 10 x 30 minute Sports Massage. Call 0151 528 3830

3D Orthotics/ Insoles/ Heel lifts will be available Tuesday Evenings. Our Orthotics are made specifically to the shape of your foot to improve gait, weight transfer and reduce the chance of injury. Orthotics are very well used in Sports as the feet are under so much pressure and repetitive stress. Its vital weight is transferred properly. Professional runners and football players are just some of the Sports men and women that would benefit from these top end orthotics.

Your GP may advise you to seek out insoles/ heel lifts and other types of orthotics. You can buy these in the shops but what makes ours different is that they are specific to your foot and therefore a better fit giving better results.

For more information on how to book go to our orthotics page

Coming soon... Animal Acupuncture will be available on Saturdays

Its not just humans that need treatment. We will be offering our fury friends a full vet examination and acupuncture session with our qualified vet Sarah. For more information check out our upcoming blog posts.

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