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At Crosby Chiropractic we treat a wide range of different Sporting professionals. Just last month Rachel Choong secured another three World Titles in Japan for Para badminton. Chiropractic amongst other things is key to keeping Athletes like Rachel performing at their best.

British Chiropractic Association states "Whether you are an amateur sports enthusiast or a top-flight professional, your body is prone to the same kinds of aches and pains. Repeated stresses can lead to a slight loss of proper movement in the bones of your spine (vertebrae) and joints, which in turn, can interfere with the healthy working of your muscles and nerves. You may have ignored the pain and carried on with your sport for too long without treatment. It’s not surprising that BCA chiropractors often see patients with problems of the shoulder, neck, elbow, back, hip, knee and ankle that could turn the enthusiastic amateur into a couch potato."

Musculoskeletal pain is not the sole problem for sports enthusiasts and professionals. Individuals may reach a peak of performance and find it hard to improve further, despite their efforts and gruelling training sessions. This is why so many serious sports people consult Crosby chiropractors Michael and Ian.

Another key element to improving is making sure your body has all the correct nutrients available from diet and supplements where needed.

Chiropractors will give you advice not only on your muscle and joint pain but also on other factors such as exercises and diet to make sure that we are giving you all the correct tools to maximise your ability in whatever sport you specialise in.

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