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What sports are deemed beneficial after having knee and hip replacement ?

What type of sports are considered beneficial following a hip/ knee replacement | Crosby Chiropractor | Liverpool

Latest data shows orthopaedic interventions such as total hip or knee replacements are drastically increasing and this has forced an increased focus on whether physical activity is beneficial or risky after hip and knee joint replacement.

Crosby Chiropractor | According to research Skiing deemed a good way to recover following knee/ hip replacement

To determine the answer to the question often depends on the activity or sport involved and the intensity at which it is played, delegates attending the recent Annual Congress of the European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (EFORT) in Vienna heard how some sporting activities may be more beneficial than others.

EFORT President Prof Dr Jan A.N. Verhaa said recent studies provide evidence that careful skiing is not only a safe sport for people with a total endoprothesis of the knee joint, but is even suitable as a rehab measure after surgery. Meanwhile, Prof Verhaa said the danger of golf is often underestimated. “For good golfers who execute a 90° swing when driving, the forces acting on their knees are extreme. People with an artificial knee joint are allowed to golf but should go about it less intensively,” he said.

Cycling, walking, and tennis were deemed relatively safe, while caution should be exercised in running.


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